We are not set up for free drop in visits and really can’t handle them. We are allowing free visits to the stock warehouse or office prior to confirmation of purchase order from customer which is part of our operation. We are doing our best to try to promote good security and good friendly environment.

Absolutely no visits will be allowed without visitors pass or prior to order confirmation from buyer because many buyers come here for their own personal interest but appreciate all of the interest buyers have in viewing our operation. We will issue every client with our company’s visit application form to be filled, signed and sent back to us for the visit to be scheduled.

However, we must inform you that as part of the certification with the manufacturer, we must operate a closed facility and as such, we are allowing only serious clients to our warehouse as we will endeavor to assist them witness the loading and inspection process before goods are loaded into the container with originals of all shipping documents handed to them.

Client Visits are therefore approved ONLY after a purchase order has been made and a deposit payment made to the manufacturer for product packaging, Loading, Insurance and third party inspection etc. All relevant information can be discuss by mail and phone calls to assist buyer to be acquainted with our interaction and operations.